Angela Colley

Bedroom Designer and In-House Interior Designer

Angela Colley

Angela Colley is a great asset to the team and is our Bedroom Designer and In-House Interior Designer. Angela has a wealth of project management experience in the corporate world, coupled with a passion for interiors. As a qualified interior designer, Angela has both an eye for design and the skills to plan and oversee any size of project.

Angela believes it’s important to really think through how the space is going to work best for you and also be mindful and realistic about budget expectations. The layout of the entire space should be planned before anything is purchased.. It’s all about making the right choices with the right mix and balance of products which it where we come in at Pittville Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Angela in three words: Approachable, Creative and a self confessed Perfectionist!

‘No two days are ever the same, there are always new challenges to rise too. The excitement of working with a new client, helping them to visualise their style preference and realise the potential of their space. The aim is always to produce a space that reflects the life and loves of the people who live there.’

Angela’s top tips for planning a home project:

1. Black for some is becoming the new white in Kitchens design. Whilst previously this was actually the unthinkable the idea of a through and through black kitchen is now starting to become the ultimate style statement with some kitchen manufacturers.

2. If going black is too bold, then I still believe the neutral grey palette is never going to go out of style, often coupled with a strong accent colour.

3. This modern trend works well in a kitchen, especially when featuring modern textures such a stone or concrete, but is equally at home in a bedroom with accents of chalk pink and copper.