Alison Carter

General Manager

Alison Carter

Alison is the newest member of the team, and joins us as our new General Manager. Having held various business and project management roles during her career, Alison has been lucky enough to live and work in some amazing cities including London, Edinburgh, Dublin, New York and Hong Kong. With a Masters in Business Administration from Henley Business School, Alison is looking forward to using her natural enthusiasm and project management flair to help customers create their dream homes.

Alison in three words: Pragmatic, Calm and Reliable (how boring does that sound! I can be good fun too sometimes).

‘Don’t underestimate the impact of good lighting. A great lighting scheme doesn’t need to be expensive, especially if planned at the outset of a job, and it can play a huge part in creating the atmosphere you want for your new room, be it kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room or even garden.’

Alison’s top tips for planning a home project:

1. Keep an eye on the on-going innovations in home technology.  I love that there is now technology to allow you to keep an eye on dinner in the oven and remotely alter the cooking temperature and I bet it’s not long before fridges and cupboards will automatically register when an item is finished and add it to a shopping list!

2. The trend for multi-functional spaces looks set to continue.  Whether it is finding a corner of a bedroom or a bathroom to use as a dressing room; bringing the bathroom into the bedroom with a statement bath or carving out a corner of a kitchen, living or bedroom as work space – the use of clever design can make your existing home work for you in ways you may not yet have considered.

3. Similarly, the trend for making more and better use of outdoor space is on the increase.  Where we used to be happy with a patio and a barbecue, there are now so many more options to enjoy including hot tubs and spas which can even be covered and heated to prolong their use throughout the year.