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Have you ever wanted a designer piece but wished you could have more say over the finish?

Victoria + Albert free standing baths and basins can now be personalised with custom finishes for a truly unique feature in your bathroom. Their naturally smooth surface lends itself perfectly to either oil or water based paints.  If you adventures enough this is how you can do it yourself:

  • Firstly rub down the surface with an abrasive paper to get a key for the paint to stick to.
  • Wipe down thoroughly to remove any dust before applying paint.
  • If applicable, using a pencil, mark the outline of the feet on the bath. Important: Do not paint more than 5mm over this line as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.
  • Following the paint manufacturer’s instructions, apply the paint.
  • We recommend two top coats and doubling the waiting period between coats. Use a small roller or brush, applying paint in a random fashion so as not create paint lines.
  • If you wish to paint the feet, follow the above procedure using a small brush or spray paint instead of a roller. Important: Do not paint the inside of the foot as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.

If you have painted one yourself, we would love to see your pictures!  Email them to [email protected].

We can also arrange and design a painted bath for youhere at our Cheltenham Showroom.  Please call 01242 251113 to make an appointment with one of our designers.

For more information on painting baths, please go to: