We understand that homeowners are increasingly keen to carve out dedicated spaces, designed specifically to help improve their fitness and overall wellbeing.  New for 2017 we have opened a dedicated spa showroom in the heart of Cheltenham and for this months blog we’ve taken a look at a selection of options for harnessing the revitalising properties of water.

The sauna and the steam bath – the secret of perfect skin.

Winter weather takes its toll on our bodies in many ways and is often most visible through our skin which can turn dry and lifeless.  The warmth produced by a sauna or steam ‘bath’ helps to relax and rehydrate winter skin, making it easier to remove the dull outer layers and find the softer and more supple skin below.

Pittville Sauna


To really reap the benefits of these treatments, it is advisable to repeat the session a couple of times a week which can be difficult if you have to leave home to do it.  Never fear!  There are now a variety of solutions available to help you enjoy the benefits of steam and sauna from the comfort of your own home.  From beautifully designed steam and sauna cabins, to steam pods that can be installed in the space of an existing shower enclosure, there is now no need to miss out.  Contact us now to find out more.

The hot tub – targeted, tension relief

Immersion in hot springs water has long been recognised for its therapeutic benefits and is one reason why home hot tubs have been increasing in popularity.  Relief from back and leg pain, sports recovery, stress relief, and headaches are some of the most common reasons people purchase hot tubs today and some of the recent models provide customisable therapy programmes, that can be easily tailored to your specific needs.

Pittville Hot Tub


With the addition of aromatherapy oils into the water, a chromatherapy lighting programme and an integrated sound system to provide an experience that targets four senses – touch, sight, sound and smell – the overall wellness benefits can be significantly enhanced…you can just sit back and truly relax! There are an array of options to evaluate when choosing to buy a hot tub, click here to download a free guide to help you find out the right option for you.

The Swim Spa – fitness on tap

The evolution of ‘swim spas’ over the past decade has made it more possible that ever to have a fantastic swim experience in the comfort of your own home without the cost and maintenance of a swimming pool.

Pittville Hot Tub


Modern swim spas generate a steady water current that creates a set level of directional resistance and the more advanced models also enable you to adjust this to continue to provide a challenging exercise, as your fitness increases.  As well as swimming, they can be used for a variety of activities including cross training, rehabilitation and of course relaxation (especially if there is a hot tub area as well!).  Take a look at this video to see just how much fun you can have.

If this has inspired you to create a wellbeing escape in your own home, come and visit us at our new Spas showroom in Cheltenham.