Pittville Bathrooms & Kitchens

Pittville Bathrooms & Kitchens

Creating an accessible kitchen that can be both practical and stylish for people living with limited mobility or disabilities has never been more exciting! With the range of clever products and adaptations now available, you can create a place in your home that is both beautiful and functional.

Our Kitchen Designer Lindsay Merchant is a specialist in adapting kitchens to make them practical and accessible. She uses her expertise to create specially designed accessible spaces for people with limited mobility or disabilities.

Lindsay combines clever storage solutions at mid- or low-level and accessible appliances at eye-level to create a functional space. Her smart solutions are carefully planned and expertly executed by the experienced team here at Pittville Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Lindsay focuses on planning the kitchen to minimise the need to bend down or climb up to reach items, instead making them easily accessible from whatever height the client feels most comfortable.

Breakfast bars at mid- to low-level can be used with chairs rather than high stools, enabling you to retain the stylish, social design of a bar while making it easy to use.

Wall units are fitted to a height that is best suited to the individual, enabling contents within them to be easily reached. Lindsay ensures all accessible kitchens are designed with no potential trip hazards or sharp edges. She creates wide, open spaces that encourage free movement around the kitchen; ensuring wheelchair users are able to move easily throughout the space.

As we get older our domestic requirements may change and often our kitchens and bathrooms become impractical, or less enjoyable to use. We understand this and have worked with many clients who choose to downsize their home and want to recreate a kitchen or bathroom similar to one they had in their family home. We work with clients to create an accessible, practical kitchen or bathroom that is both contemporary and stylish. By combining clever design with cutting edge products, we can create a beautiful, accessible space that is unique to you.

To find out more about our accessible kitchens and bathrooms, call us on 01242 251113, or email us at [email protected]